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At this time of recession many people don’t know what to do to survive in this world. Many companies have been laying off their employees due to decrease in number of projects. So people had to choose another way to earn money. Starting a new business is a good idea to start earning money. But which is the best business for one to start with? Buying wholesale electronic products at very cheap rate and selling them in retail at discounted rates will be a good business for those who wanted to start a new business. The best place for buying electronic products through online is Membersupply.com. Electronic items like iPhones, iPods etc are of good popularity in today’s market. Buying iphones wholesale and ipods wholesale will be cheap rather than buying it in retail. Thus Member supply will be the right place for one to buy iphone wholesale. To know more info, please visit the site.

Summer vacation

If you’re a golf lover, you would want to spend your summer in a golf club or resort. These spots can easily be found in different parts of the world. You can have lots of options from these different places. Some golf places or resorts are only open in summer and spring months. Most resorts are located in Texas, Nevada, Florida, California and Arizona. But for selecting a cheap and best resort, you must take a look at a golf resort situated at chiemsee, where you can spend your holidays with your family in a joyful manner. However, you should also take into consideration the likes or hobbies of your family. If you like golf, then you must see to it that you will spend your summer vacation in a golf resort which has amenities and facilities that the rest of the family can enjoy. Always make sure that there are also beaches and parks near the area. One perfect example is the one that is situated at Gut Ising which has a hotel and a golf course inside. You should always bear in mind the likes and wants of your family. So if you’re planning to make a booking you can try the resort at chiemsee. Always look for the cost first when you choose a particular destination. You should also try to determine which resort has discounts that you can avail. It's so important to research first in order to seek information about the different travel agents that offer cheap package holidays that can you can afford. The prime purpose of most people in staying in a Golf resort is to unwind and relax. So it’s necessary to include the use of the golf courses. The costs include the golf cart use, and private lessons are included. So I suggest you to spend your summer vacation with your family in the Chiemsee Hotel and enjoy playing golf.

Alcohol-Gd R Bd-Part 3

Continuation of Part 2
Bad effects of alcohol
In the above section we saw about the benefits of consuming alcohol. But we can get those benefits, only if we are in control, otherwise we may face so many bad effects of alcohol, which we are going to discuss in this section. Drinking a small amount of alcohol may give some good effect to our health. But this is not true for those who drink it a lot. The bad effects of drinking alcohol include damage in brain, causing slurred speech, clumsiness, and delayed reflexes. It also leads to liver cancer, low blood sugar. They also cause some small effects like vomiting, unconsciousness etc. Thus drinking alcohol cause many problems in our body. If we drink it in a limited manner, it will not cause any damage to our health. But over drinking will even make one dead.
Thus leading a natural life without drinking alcohol will make one live happy and free. So please try to lead an alcohol free life.
The End

Alcohol-Gd R Bd-Part 2

Continuation of Part 1
Uses of alcohol
Many are saying that alcohol does have so many ill effects that may cause to us, when we consume it. But even though it is said that alcohol is very hazardous to our health, they also have some benefits it we intake it in a small amount. In many countries especially in cold countries, alcoholic beverages are commonly consumed at the major daily meals (lunch and dinner). In some of the places drinking alcohol in a very small amount is used as one method of avoiding water-borne diseases such as cholera. Even many had done the research and they also says that drinking alcohol will also lowers some risks like heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, stroke and also an increase in overall longevity of life. Thus these points ensure that the alcohols also have a good side of face. But this will not say that drinking alcohol is always good for our health. Because it has some a bad effect on it’s another side of face too. Those who look on to that side of face will not recover from it very easily.
To be continued...

Alcohol-Gd R Bd-Part 1

As we all know, many people are addicted to the habit of drinking. The only reason for it is, after they consume it will give some kind of mental satisfaction to the body and enjoyment too. Many know the ill effects of drinking habit and its causes to the society. But actually, Alcohol! What is it? It is just a drinking substance that is made up of mixing both natural and chemical products. Drinking will help us to relax our mind, but drinking it more will create some bad effects on our body. This is the explanation that is given by all, when we ask about alcohol. We will about the alcohol from technical point of view like its composition, mixture and many more. Technically speaking, an alcohol is a drink that is containing ethanol. This is a chemical product, which will cause more effects on our body and health if we intake it more. This is true and it is applicable to anything, which we in take into our body. Everything should be under a control and of it crosses that, and then we will lose our life. It is also called as a drug which will addict us, and thus we can’t able to live without it. Using alcohol can give us both good and bad result to our health. But the majority of people say that it is very injurious to health and it is also true.
To be continued...

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Thanks to the acceleration in global warming, the Arctic Ocean will lose its ice cover in the next 30 years, says a new study, and not in 100 years as scientists had predicted earlier. New research suggests the Arctic Ocean is already edging towards this grim reality, as the ice cover during summers could shrink to a mere million square km from the existing 4.6 million sq km. So much more open water could be a boon for shipping and for oil and mineral extraction from the seabed. But the flip side is it could trigger upheaval of the ecosystem. Therefore try to save the world from getting spoiled, through global warming.

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